Knocksymposium "Symphony"

Shiiko Iwaki
Shiiko Iwaki

Development and idea of the "Knocksymposium"

"Makoto Fujiwara arranged sessions he called "Knock" symphonies - midwinter in freezing cold, when it sounds especially crisp and nice in chisels and beats, and the sound becomes a separate dimension to the art, in the tension between the moment and the lasting."


In the years between 2002 and 2006, intensive thought was given to changes that could expand and enrich the idea of the symposium. In the years from 2005 to 2010, for the first time in the history of the Symposium Norge, no “conventional symposia” took place for a longer period of time. It was primarily Makoto Fujiwara, who was a constant companion of the Symposium Norge, who moved these wishes for change. Based on the changing methods of quarrying, which has recently been driven much more with wire saws, more and more panel formats were to be found. More than before, neatly crafted stone blocks were categorized as surplus materials for other uses. These new “surplus plates” were the beginning of the idea of a somewhat different symposium. The material “plate” should standardize and pre-define the preconditions for the individual participants. The aim was to move away from self-related work and more towards dynamic group work, the individual elements of which are withdrawn for the sake of the whole.

Symposium 2007 - A symphony of hammers


  • Takahiko Endo - Japan
  • Paul Hoffmann, Germany
  • Shiiko Iwaki - Japan
  • Per Schou-Hanssen - Norway
  • Klaus Herbrich - Germany
  • Andrea Hofbeck - Germany
  • Hideaki Kobayashi - Japan
  • Makoto Fujiwara – Germany
  • Alois Lindenbauer – Austria
  • Stephan Obermayer – Germany
  • Christian Ruckdeschel – Germany
  • Ricardo Sohn – Germany

Symposium 2008 - Sukkersletta - NaThor Park


  • Paul Hoffmann - Germany
  • Knut Wold - Norway
  • Hideaki Kobayashi - Japan
  • Makoto Fujiwara - Japan

Symposium 2010 - A symphony of hammers


  • Daisuke DD – Japan
  • Makoto Fujiwara – Japan
  • Ryutaro Fujie – Japan
  • Paul Hoffmann – Germany
  • Jasmin Hurst – Germany
  • Shiiko Iwaki – Japan
  • Elisabeth Reichegger – Austria