The Stone. by architect Margarete B. Fries

A fossil in spiral form. A seven million year old memory.
A fossilised history.

The history of Earth.

Some six thousand year old rock carvings by a vanished sea.

A flint arrow head.

Circles of standing blue stones on the plains of southern England.

A blood stained offer stone.

Hieroglyphs cut in the sandstone tombs of a forgotten Faro.

A black granite tomb, far removed from it's quarry in Aswan.

Temples and pyramids along the Nile.

Greek temples and human gods of marble on Aegean cliff tops.

A Coptic church cut in to the Ethiopian rock.

Small stone churches on a weather beaten coast far north.

The hunter's stone shelter in the mountains.

Mosques, town halls, cathedrals and banks.

A mill stone,

an erotic jade figure, -

a barn...


Our common memory.

Our history

How much of that had been intelligible if it had not been written in stone?