The Symposium Norge invites all interested professional stone sculptors to apply.
Please send us your CV, a link to your hom
epage or relevant documentary photo material (file size up to 5MB)  by:


February 15th, 2022




We are inviting up to 12 international stone sculptors to our next Symposium`22 with a focus on individual artistic positions, the opportunity for dialogue and communal living and working. The operator of the Symposium Norge, Lundhs AS, is in possession of Larvikite quarries in different colors and lets the artists choose their stones from these natural resources. In addition, the participants receive a work and travel grant (1500,- EUR) and accommodation in the Symposium House. A workplace with electricity, air and various tools is provided at the quarry site.


For exhibition purposes, the sculptures will remain at the Symposium Norge for a period of one year. After this year, all rights to the sculpture are transferred to the artist (excluding material price). In case the sculptor decides to transport her/his sculpture after the exhibition year from the quarry area, the sculptor is responsible for the cost of the stone and transportation. The stone price for symposium participants is reduced to 50% and amounts to NOK 3,500 per m³ raw block. In this case the sculpture belongs totally by the artist. In the event of a sale, 25% of the sales amount goes to the Symposium Norge. If the sculpture remains at the Symposium Norge, the sculpture can be used for exhibition purposes in consultation with the artist.


The number of participants is intended to be limited to 8-10 international sculptors. The Symposium Norge offers food and accommodation in the Symposium House (Håkestadveien 193, NO-3280 Tjodalyng), close to the quarry and working places, with single rooms and a communal kitchen. The group will organize themselves and is accordingly responsible for the preparation of their dishes as well as for the care of the Symposium House. 

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